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About AdSense Calculator

About AdSense

Google Adsense is a popular advertising platform among publishers. Anyone who owns a website or a blog can earn a handsome amount of dollars. Adsense displays ads(banners) on the places allocated by the publishers on their blogs or websites.

About AdSense Profit Checker

When you launch a new website or blog, the first thing you will think about is how much you earn on AdSense. Therefore AdSense Calculator it's tool who helps you checking earnings for your website. Our free online AdSense calculator will evaluate how much you'll gain on AdSense based on CTR, CPC and Page Impressions.

You can easily use our tool to evaluate your AdSense earnings. We offer this tool with information including CTR, CPC, and daily page impressions. Our tool will receive this information and provide you with a detailed report with projected daily, monthly or yearly income.

Below is the explanation of each entity used to calculate the google adsense earnings:

  • Page Impressions (PI) - Ads are placed on the webpages of a website. The number of times a webpage loads(daily) to show an ads is called page impression.
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) - It is a ratio which shows an estimated number of clicks on the displayed advertisements.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) - Cost per click refers to the paying rate which Google pays to the publishers for every click on the advertisement.

How Does Adsense Earning Calculator Work?

Check your AdSense stats page in order to get necessary data of your CTR, CPC and page impression.

  • First, you need to enter your "Daily Page Impressions" in the provided text box. It determines the number of orders for which advertising are displayed per page.
  • Afterward, provide the CTR in percentage. It refers to your "Click Through Rate" and the number of ad clicks for each ad impressions.
  • Then enter your CPC. This is the amount that you will earn every time a visitor clicks on your ad, but this amount is determined by advertisers.
  • Finally, click on "Calculate" button and our online tool Google AdSense earnings will return your yearly, monthly, and daily earnings in combination with the corresponding yearly, monthly, and daily clicks.