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About bcrypt generation

What is bcrypt?

bcrypt is a secure password hashing function created by Niels Provos and David Mazières in 1999 as an enhanced password hashing function based on Blowfish that uses salt to prevent rainbow attacks. Its slowness and multiple rounds ensure that an attacker has to deploy massive amounts of funds and hardware to be able to crack your passwords. Add salt to that for each password, and you can rest assured that an attack is nearly impossible without a huge amount of funds or hardware.

How it Works?

Bcrypt Generator - generates a bcrypt password hash from a string with the selected number of salt rounds (defaults to 10). Just paste your password or any text to the textarea above, select rounds and click to the button "Generate" and you will get bcrypt hash.

If you click "generate" several times, the result will constantly change. This is key because it is impossible to recover the original password from the hash.


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