Bulk htpasswd generator

Input data

This tool is designed to generate multiple entries in the htpasswd file based on the loaded CSV data file. You need to upload a CSV file where the first column will contain the login, and the second will contain the password. Paste or upload your CSV file below:

Your result can be seen below.

Result of generating htpasswd file

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About bulk generating records in htpasswd

What is bulk htpasswd generator?

The Bulk htpasswd generator was created for online converting CSV into htpasswd. This can be useful if you have a large list of users that need to be added to and managed in user files for basic authentication. The maximum number of records is 1000, if you need to generate more authorization records, then you can generate several times 1000 and then combine the result into one file. If you need to create only 1 authentication record, then you can use the usual htpasswd generator.

How to generate bulk htpasswd?

Using our tool you need just paste your CSV to the textarea above and click to the button "Generate" and you will get htpasswd file in the next textarea.

Your CSV file should have 2 columns, the first column is the username and the second is the password itself.

How do I remove a user from htpasswd?

To remove a user you need just open the password file using nano or vim(or any aother editor) and simply remove the user line that you want to delete.

Is it possible to use the same user but with different passwords in .htpasswd?

No, the system will use only the first found entry for authorization.

Example of CSV conversion to htpasswd

After the conversion, you can apply .htpasswd file to your project or use it for some other purpose.

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