Tetrad color scheme

Tetrad scheme color calculation tool

This tool helps you to calculate CSS colors of the tetrad scheme that can be applied to your HTML.

Enter name, hex, rgb, hsl or hsv


#46b5d5rgb(70, 181, 213)hsl(193, 63%, 55%)
#ad46d5rgb(173, 70, 213)hsl(283, 63%, 55%)
#d56646rgb(213, 102, 70)hsl(13, 63%, 55%)
#6dd546rgb(109, 213, 70)hsl(103, 63%, 55%)

About tetradic color scheme

A tetrad is a color scheme, a special variation of the dual color scheme with the same distance between all colors. All four colors are evenly distributed across the color wheel, so there is no clear dominance of one color. The scheme is always bright, nervous and colorful, there is the same tension between all colors. A tetrad is a very aggressive color scheme that requires very good planning and a very sensitive approach to relations of these colors.

How it Works?

This tool Tetrad color scheme makes it easy to calculate the colors of the tetrad scheme for use on the Internet. You can calculate color of any tetrad scheme by clicking or dragging your cursor inside the color picker area, or by entering a color code manually. Tetradic color scheme is displayed in all three standard CSS formats: Hex, RGB, HSL.

Examples of tetrad combinations

  • Red, green, blue-purple, and yellow-orange
  • Yellow, purple, blue-green, and red-orange

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