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This tool will help you to convert length such as Meter, Angstrom, Centimeter, Astronomical unit, Caliber, Kilometer, Millimeter, Fathom, Furlong, Light year, Micrometer, Nanometer, Mile etc:

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About Length Conversion

Conversion units currently available for the Length Converter

Meter (m), Angstrom (A'), Astronomical unit (AU), Caliber (cal), Centimeter (cm), Kilometer (km), Ell, Em, Fathom, Furlong, Fermi (fm), Foot (ft), Inch (in), League (int'l), League (UK), Light year (LY), Micrometer (mu-m), Mil, Millimeter (mm), Nanometer (nm), Mile (int'l nautical), Mile (UK nautical), Mile (US nautical), Mile (US statute), Parsec, Pica (printer), Picometer (pm), Point (pt), Rod, Yard (yd).

How it Works?

This tool Length Converter makes it easy to convert units of length. Just fill in the form above and click the button "Convert" and you will get your result.

About Length Conversion

Length - according to the geometric definition, length is a quantity that describes the longest dimension of an object. In Euclidean space, it's how far 2 specific points are from each other. The basic unit for length and distance in the SI Standart is a meter. Derivatives of the meter, such as kilometers, centimeters and millimeter, are also used in the metric system. Units such as inch, foot, and mile are used in the USA and the UK.


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