Aim Trainer - speed shooting

Aim trainer

Hit targets as quickly and accurately as possible.

Aim Trainer
Hit 30 targets as quickly as you can.

This test is intended to be taken on a desktop or laptop. (Or make your browser window larger)


What is AIM?

AIM is an indicator of shooting accuracy. The better a person shoots, the higher his aim.

How to check your AIM?

It's easy to use aim trainer: press the «start» button and then hit 30 targets as fast as you can! As a result, you will get the average time for one target, as well as the minimum time that it took you to hit the target and the maximum. The shorter the average time to hit the target, the better your accuracy.

This test is best taken with a mouse or tablet screen. Good results are difficult with trackpads.

How to improve your AIM?

In many sports, your result depends on the speed of reaction, especially in e-sports. The more accurately and quickly you can hit all the targets, the better your accuracy in games becomes. Train your AIM every day to get better result.

And also the following factors can affect AIM in games:

  • gaming accessories
  • mouse sensitivity
  • aiming technique
  • practice

What is the average time to hit a target?

In our test, the average time to hit a target is 437 milliseconds. The average reaction time of a person to the appearance of a target is approximately 100-200 ms + the time it takes for a person to aim at the target and click.


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