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About Line Breaks Remover

What is "Remove Line Breaks"?

The Remove Line Breaks was created for removing line breaks with paragraph restoration. This can be useful for journalists, editors, content managers, and others who need to edit and format large amounts of text. Remove line breaks (including carriage returns (/r) and newline/line feeds (\n)), paragraph breaks, and even double whitespaces. You can also use our tool to create commas separated lists and more. No need to download or install any software because this tool is online.

How it Works?

Just select the options you want, paste or upload your text to the textarea above and click to the button "Remove" and you will instantly get your text without line breaks.


first line
second line

new paragraph
last line
Result without line breaks:
first linesecond linenew paragraphlast line
Result with preserve paragraphs:
first linesecond line
new paragraphlast line

How to use our tool to Create a Comma Separate List

Just select separator as comma(,) and click to the button "Remove" and all lines will be combined into one with a separating by comma.

first line,second line,new paragraph,last line

If you have paragraphs, then you can preserve paragraph breaks and you get something like CSV format.

first line,second line
new paragraph,last line
This tool allows us to save hours of manual work on removing line breaks.

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