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Why convert print_r to PHP array?

Very often, when working with arrays in PHP, you may need to output an intermediate array via print_r to check its elements, and then you may need to convert the print_r output back to an array to continue writing code to process this array. Thus, this is mostly necessary when developing and debugging code.

How to convert print_r to PHP array?

Just paste the output from print_r into the textarea above and click to the button "Convert" and you'll get a PHP array in the next textarea.

How to recreate PHP array from print_r output?

To convert print_r to an array, you need to parse the text using regular expressions. You can find an example solution here

What is print_r in PHP?

print_r() prints information about a variable. If string, integer, or float is given, the value itself is printed. If array is given, the values will be presented in a format showing keys and values.

Example of print_r conversion to PHP Array

    [website] => Array
            [domain] =>
            [title] => Online Web Tools

    [string] => some text
    [integer] => 1
    [float] => 2.3
    [subArray] => Array
            [0] => Hello World.

  'website' => [
    'domain' => '',
    'title' => 'Online Web Tools',
  'string' => 'some text',
  'integer' => 1,
  'float' => 2.3,
  'subArray' => [
    0 => 'Hello World.',
After the conversion, you can apply the PHP array to your project or use it for some other purpose.