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This tool will help you to convert energy such as Joule, Calorie, Electron volt, Foot pound force, Kilocalorie, Kilowatt hour, Ton of TNT, Volt-coulomb, Watt hour etc:

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About Energy Conversion

Conversion units currently available for the Energy Converter

Joule (J), BTU (mean), BTU (thermochemical), Calorie (SI) (cal), Calorie (mean)(cal), Calorie (thermo), Electron volt (eV), Erg (erg), Foot-pound force, Foot-poundal, Horsepower-hour, Kilocalorie (SI)(kcal), Kilocalorie (mean)(kcal), Kilowatt-hour (kW hr), Ton of TNT, Volt-coulomb (V Cb), Watt-hour (W hr), Watt-second (W sec).

How it Works?

This tool Energy Converter makes it easy to convert units of energy. Just fill in the form above and click the button "Convert" and you will get your result.

About Energy Conversion

Energy - in physics, it's a measurable quantity that describes the state of matter and it is ability to perform work. There are many forms of energy, like the kinetic energy that describes the force behind the motion of a body or heat that describes the amount of thermal energy delivered.


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