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About My IP Tool:

What is an IP?

Each computer, released in the world wide web, gets its unique number, called the IP-address.

An IP address is a number assigned to a device on a network. This IP address allows your computer to be found on the network (the internet), allowing the packets to be routed to your computer. In the global Internet requires a unique address, if you are working in a local network requires a unique address within the network. The most common version is IPv4 which is a 32 bit numeric address in the format The newer version, IPv6, is a 128 bit HEX address in the format of a1a1:b2b2:c3c3:d4d4:e5e5:f6f6:g7g7:h8h8.

Why do I need to know my IP?

It is important to know your IP-address. It can tell you what network, or ISP you are connected to network. It enables you to tell other people what your IP is so that they can connect to your computer for file sharing, screencasting, or other services. You also may need to know your IP address to enter into permission lists of firewalls or other security systems so that you can access secure systems and much more.

Use this tool to check my IP address, which is helpful for a different purposes including (but not limited to):

  • Tech support;
  • Remote desktop applications;
  • Protect your card;
  • Detecting proxies;
  • Protect your dashboard;
  • Online gaming;
  • etc;

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