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About Meta Tag Generator

About HTML Meta Tags Generator

Meta tags are the type of HTML tag products that provide metadata about your site. The META Tag is hidden text placed in the HEAD section of your HTML page to provide information about your website or web page to search engines. META tags are used by most search engines to index sites based on their title and descriptions. It is very important to use meta tags, as well as a good title if you expect to find it on most search engines. However, META tags are not the only thing search engines will refer to when ranking sites. Some search engines will completely ignore meta tags. Most search engines also index your body text.

The Meta Tag Generator helps the average web developer to create HTML meta tags. Also you will generate search engine friendly Meta tags and titles - is perfect for creating search engine optimized or SEO content on your site or blog.

When meta tags and titles are optimized properly, search engines get the basic information needed to optimally rank and display your site's page in search results. If not optimized, rankings and clickthrough rate will suffer.

How it Works?

Just fill in and select the necessary options and click "Generate", and you will receive an HTML code with meta tags. Copy the generated Meta tags into the head of your website. Test it, in case of any mistake go back to the Meta Tags Generator tool and generate the code again.


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