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This tool will help you to convert Volume & Capacity such as Cubic Meter, Cubic centimeter, acre foot, oil barrel, Board foot, Bushel, Fluid ounce, Pint, Quart etc:

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About Volume & Capacity Conversion

Conversion units currently available for the Volume Converter

Cubic Meter (m^3),Cubic centimeter,Cubic millimeter,Acre-foot,Barrel (oil),Board foot,Bushel (US),Cup,Fluid ounce (US),Cubic foot,Gallon (UK),Gallon (US,dry),Gallon (US,liq),Gill (UK),Gill (US),Cubic inch (in^3),Liter (new),Liter (old),Ounce (UK,fluid),Ounce (US,fluid),Peck (US),Pint (US,dry),Pint (US,liq),Quart (US,dry),Quart (US,liq),Stere,Tablespoon,Teaspoon,Ton (register),Cubic yard.

How it Works?

This tool Volume Converter makes it easy to convert units of Volume & Capacity. Just fill in the form above and click the button "Convert" and you will get your result.

About Volume Conversion

Volume - a space any substance occupies or contains in a three dimensional space. While the Si unit for volume is the cubic meter, it is too big for common use and has been replaced with the liter (1 cubic decimeter) in everyday life.


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