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Enter each item on a new line and click the button "Pick a Random Item" to quickly pick a random name, number or other item from a list of items.

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About Random Picker

About random picker and Why do you need it?

Random Picker is a free online tool which can be used to quickly pick a element or winner from a list of names for any draw, raffle or contest. Enter your list of names or a list with something else in the textarea and choose a random winner.

How to use Random Name Selector?

It's very easy to use our Random Picker:

  • Enter or copy/paste your list of names in the text area by newline.
  • You can also upload a list of names via a text file (Optional)
  • Select the number of elements/winners that should be randomly chosen.
  • Click "Pick a Random Item" button to start the draw.

How to generate a random number or random letter?

You can use the name picker also to generate a random number or random letter. You can enter the numbers or letters that you want in the text area and click "Pick a Random Item" button. Of course you can also make use of our Random Number Generator or Random Letter Generator.


Chantal Mcdonnell
Dionne Barrera
Jovan Davies
Darien Wicks
Alyce Vu
Fern Rutledge
Evie Beck
Tessa Beltran
Rhian Hebert
Devante Murphy

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