Triad color scheme

Triad scheme color calculation tool

This tool helps you to calculate CSS colors of the triad scheme that can be applied to your HTML.

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#46b5d5rgb(70, 181, 213)hsl(193, 63%, 55%)
#d546b5rgb(213, 70, 181)hsl(313, 63%, 55%)
#b5d546rgb(181, 213, 70)hsl(73, 63%, 55%)

About triadic color scheme

A triadic color scheme uses colors that are evenly spaced across the color wheel.

These simple color combinations are options for a split complementary color scheme. The colors in this composition are located on the color wheel at an equal distance from each other. Take an equilateral triangle and place it on the color wheel. The colors at each point come together to make the triadic combination.

How it Works?

This tool Triad color scheme makes it easy to calculate the colors of the triad scheme for use on the Internet. You can calculate color of any triad scheme by clicking or dragging your cursor inside the color picker area, or by entering a color code manually. Triadic color scheme is displayed in all three standard CSS formats: Hex, RGB, HSL.

Examples of triad combinations

  • Red, yellow and blue
  • Purple, green and orange
  • Blue-violet, red-orange and yellow-green

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